1939 Born in Erzurum.
1944-45 Enters primary school in Gelibolu.
1945-49 Studied at Ankara Maltape Sarar Primary School.
1950-55 Went on to study at Mersin Lycee while studying at Lycee his artisti talents were discovered and nurtured by renowned painting teacher Hüseyin Sevim.
1955-57 Studied at Çanakkale Lycee.
1958 Encouraged in his artistic interest by Şadiye Erdölen. Passed the entrance exam for the istanbul Applied Fine Arts School.
1958-62 Studied under Hakkı izet and Jan Grove.
1960-62 Served an apprenticeship in production and design at the Krautheim Porcelain Factory in Selb, Germany.
1961 Worked in Sakızlı Zafer's vvorkshop to learn traditional Çanakkale Ceramic techniques. Served as an apprentice to the last ceramic masters of the area.
1962 Graduated from the istanbul Applied Fine Arts School (IAFAS).
1963 Became a member of the teaching staff at the same school, served as assistant to Hakkı izzet and Jan Grove. in later years was assistant to Ralph Bush and Anthon Lehinden.
1963-65 Performed his military service with the izmit Seymen 70. Infantry Unit.
1965 After finıshing his military service, he returned to his teaching post.
1970 After submitting his thesis on "Tophane Lüleciliği" he became an instructor at IAFAS.
1971-76 Served as Head of the Ceramics Department at IAFAS.
1976 Became a founding member of the Visual Arts Association.
1982-84 Reassumed his post as Head of the Ceramics Department at IAFAS,
1985 Was appointed Assistant Professor at the Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty (MUFAF).
1986 Was appointed Professor at the Marmara University Fine Arts Facult Ceramics Department
1988-93 Served as head of the Ceramics Department at MUFAF. Foundation). Was the head of the foundatıon between the years 1990-1996.
1990 Görsel Sanatlar Vakfı (Görsav) Kurucular kurulunda yer aldı. 1990-1996 tarihleri arasında vakıf başkanlığı yaptı.
1997 Retired from his educational post on 15.11.1997.
1999-2002 Served as Design Counselor at Kutahya Porcelain.